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Karasu wa Aruji wo Erabanai

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Genres : drama, fantasy, historical, mythology
Status : Ongoing More info
In the Kingdom of Yamauchi, people have the ability to transform into three-legged crows known as yatagarasu. While the men plot over daily governance, women compete for the hand of Wakamiya, the crown prince who was selected as the Kinu, the servant to the Mountain God. Four young women arrive at the court to join the competition, including one named Asebi.While the kind and innocent Asebi sticks out like a sore thumb compared to the other women, the crown prince has to fight for his place in the clan. Despite being born both to a concubine and as a second son, the royal priests still chose Wakamiya to be the Kinu over his older brother. This decision created a rift between the siblings while enraging Wakamiya's stepmother in the process. When Yukiya, one of the teenage sons of the village chief, is sent to the palace to become Wakamiya's new attendant, the prince is not pleased in the slightest. However, Yukiya's presence at the imperial courts is no mere coincidence.
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