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Megami no Café Terrace

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Genres : comedy, romance, ecchi, adult-cast, harem
Status : Completed More info
After his grandmother Sachiko passes away, Hayato Kasukabe returns from Tokyo and inherits her cafe—Familia Café Terrace. He aims to demolish the cafe and convert it into a parking lot, only to discover that his grandmother had taken in five girls prior to her death.The girls—Ouka Makuzawa, Akane Hououji, Riho Tsukishima, Shiragiku Ono, and Ami Tsuruga—evidently shared a deep bond with Sachiko, and they naturally refuse to give up the place they call home. They convince Hayato to change his mind, albeit reluctantly. Through this encounter, Hayato eventually remembers his past with his grandmother as well as his love for the cafe.Now resolved to carry on his grandmother's legacy, Hayato enlists the girls to act as the 'goddesses' that will ensure the preservation of this precious abode.
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