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Jian Xian Zai Ci

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Genres : action, comedy, fantasy, isekai, martial-arts, school
Status : Completed More info
Lin Beichen, an otaku, got a mobile phone by coincidence, and the mobile phone took him into a world called Dongdong Zhenzhou. Here, he became the first son of Lin Jinnan, one of the top ten famous men in the North Sea Empire [Zhantianhou]. He was also a notorious black sheep, and was born with brain disease. When Hou Lin was defeated in the south during the war, his family was in decline, and Lin Beichen, who lost his backer, was stuck in school by various' enemies' and couldn't go out. In a critical moment, he was surprised to find that the mobile phone he brought with him turned out to be a plug-in artifact that could help him practise. Relying on this artifact, Lin Beichen opened his own way of hilarious counterattack.(Source: iQIYI)
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